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SECUR-A-SIGN is the first weight that has been purpose-designed to stabilise A-Frame signs. In an age where responsibility and liability are closely linked, there is now a solution available to everyone that reduces the prospect of personal injury and damage to property should the sign tip over or drag in stronger winds. In the near future, we anticipate that Municipal Councils and other relevant authorities will require permit holders to weight their A-Frames. SECUR-A-SIGN is the solution.

SECUR-A-SIGN is manufactured in three different sizes/weights to suit individual requirements and risk profiles.

  • 5kg SECUR-A-SIGN — Black
    (Product code: 505 BLK)
  • 10kg SECUR-A-SIGN — Black
    (Product code: 507 BLK)
  • 15kg SECUR-A-SIGN — Black
    (Product code: 509 BLK)


T-Frames commonly tip over as they are inflexible and often face the direct impact of strong winds. Purpose-designed to provide extra stability, the extra 10kg weight reduces the prospects of this occurring.

Suits 600mm x 900mm and 900mm x 1200mm A-Frames manufactured from 19 mm square tube. The three different weights can be fitted to both sizes. SECUR-A-SIGN works effectively when the A-Frame is fitted with a locking brace or strut.
SECUR-A-SIGN is patent protected
(Patent No. 2004100041)


Banner stand weights

Suited to less stable (tall/light) banner stands, the 5kg Middleweight is a popular choice among sign and display companies. Weighting your stand means more options when using it indoors and outdoors.

5kg Middleweight — Black
(Product Code: 503 BLK)

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